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Details - English


The circumstances of the shooting :

The 13th of May 2002 – approximately 7.30 –8.00 PM – I saw some kind of a star in the sky ( it was enough light at that time of the day ) . I started to watch that “star”.

I shot only 1 or 2 minutes because I was not ready , the video camera was not ready an I believed in the beginning that it was a common star .

The 13th of May 2002 – approximately 9.30 PM – I started to shoot that “star” once again . I have shot for 5 or 10 minutes because it only took for that “star” to fall and I could not see it again that day . Then , watching the video tape in my VCR , I saw that the “star” was pulsing quite a lot . At a greater digital enlargement I could see something similar to a corpuscle ( a cell ) , one could perceive a cover like a membrane which wrapped a spherical , celestial body .

In that particular moment , I came to a conclusion that star was not a common one and I decided to watch that star in the following days .

The 17th of May 2002 – approximately 9.30 PM- The respective star appeared again . This time , its throb was extremely powerful , I perceived it with my own eyes . I was ready an I started to shoot. Getting closer from the video camera , one could see at the beginning its very powerful throb ; then  it appeared like a sphere which sparkled like a fireworks ; then circles of light surrounded it from all over ; then it started to rotate around its own axis ; while its rotation took place, one could see some kind of flying saucer in the shape of an inclined truncated cone ; then it changed its position ( it appeared in the film ) and it appeared with the peak towards us.

Then the respective “star” was hiding again under the light camouflage ( this thing appeared an the film ) and after a few seconds it could not be seen . All this stills last approximately 4- 5 minutes .

The place of the shooting : a location in the Bacau county from Romania , nearby a forest . I stress again that the locations from which I shot are real and can be checked out .  

I specify for the film of the 17th of May 2002 :

1.      The date , hour , minute and second appear on film ;

2.      I was shooting continuously and the film has no processing ;

4.      I shot on small video cassette of 16 mm – Panasonic VHS – HD  1 hour .